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oldest forms of reality programming. i'm john donvan, in washington. >> no business like sh >> heavy rain heads towards the area. good morning washington. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. we have some big changes on the way by the end of the day. let's get straight to your traffic and weather. every 10 minutes. see the weather situation with adam. >> good morning. let the fresh air come through the windows. heavy rainfall.
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tonight and through the day tomorrow. arlington is 58 degrees. hagerstown 56. hyattsville 61. very comfortable and dry air. late day showers cannot be ruled out. more on the forecast coming up. >> a pretty good start to the morning rush hour. overnight construction on the beltway in virginia. on the virginia side, good at 66. this camera is revealing traffic on the 270. pretty good right now. now back to you. >> breaking news.
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a five-year at an apartment in northwest washington. crews are on the scene on the third 100 block of 16th street. three people have suffered burns. no word on the extent of the injuries. a crew is on the way. we will bring you more details as soon as we get them. the hunt for a killer and the neighbor -- neighborhood on a large. >> a drive-by shooting in broad daylight. it happened at a busy use street corridor. we have the hard pricking reaction from one of the victims. >> good morning. police have been searching the neighborhood and working overnight continuing the search for suspects after violence erupted outside a church.
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violence outside of this memorial baptist church claimed the life of jamal cook. >> i heard gunshots. >> he lost his life moments after the funeral of this victim was coming to a close. an argument erupted between rival gang members gathered outside the church. shots rang out. >> it was disheartening for our border and our family. >> a car fled from the scene. a few blocks later, it flipped after colliding with another car. jamal was in the car and died at the scene. many say he was a young man working to turn his life around. >> he was a young man that had come to grips with what he had done in the past. >> an autopsy will be done to determine whether he died because of the car crash or the
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gunfire. abc 7 news. thanks. a maryland teenager is facing charges after a two year-old boy found a gun accidentally shot himself. the girlfriend is also charged. a stolen gun was found under the bed and the toddler shot himself. he is in critical condition. new clues about the hit-and-run accident in silver springs from saturday night. police are looking for a dark chevy suv. a woman was hit along carroll ave. and another woman pled not guilty for hit-and-run who is facing manslaughter and other charges.
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it happened near 18th street in florida ave. one of the women hit later died. the serial rapist from silver springs was convicted. one of dozens of suspected attacks is what he is responsible for. >> this is irresponsible -- this is the man responsible of the silver spring attacks. he is connected with 25 rapes in three different states. he targeted women who were home alone. he would attack them armed with a gun or knife through their window. >> he put a hand over my mouth. threaten my child's life if i screamed again. >> it is believed he first attacked a woman in 1973 in manhattan. local authorities say he raped
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nine women in montgomery county. he was found guilty of rape in the first degree for one of those vicious attacks. >> he broke into a home where a woman was in the house along with a fiber old child. we hope this conviction will mean that he will never walk the streets again as a free man. >> many local women would call those alarming years when the rape occurred. >> i remember at the time i wished he was caught and punished. >> abc 7 news. turning now to battleground maryland. the seven courses for those running for governor. president obama recorded a radio advertisement for o'malley. bob ehrlich has accepted an endorsement from mr. romney.
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>> a new poll by the washington post says martin o'malley has a big lead over bob ehrlich. an 11 point advantage. the poll shows ehrlich is failing to draw enough democrats. the poll has a margin of error of 3.5%. for more on that and other major races heading into the midterm elections, we will have an election special tonight at 7:00 right here on abc 7. still to come, we will tell you about the new push for younger voters. let us find out who is going to dance again. >> and other ballroom dancer bites the dust. we will tell you who is heading home. keep that umbrella close. home. keep that umbrella close.
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>> welcome back. this is a new tropical depression. it should turn into a tropical storm a call later on this morning. it will pour a loss of moisture in the caribbean instrument into our region translating into heavy rainfall.
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later tonight and through the day tomorrow. a flash flood watch will take effect later tonight. temperatures are around 50 degrees. low humidity, very comfortable. 75 is the high temperature. heavy rain tonight and through the day tomorrow. 75-80 degrees. overnight construction is being put to bed. they are getting ready for the rain to come. we are in good shape. it looks good in maryland and in the district. the quiet picture of traffic on her early boulevard. thanks. outside 60 degrees. >> coming up, a frantic search for survivors after the birth crumbles in mexico. we cannot let the recovery fall backwards. >> president obama has a call to
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action. >> president obama has a call to action. it
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>> we are still falling breaking news out of northwest right now. emergency crews are on the scene of a to a large apartment fire. -- two-alarm fire in an apartment. a crew is on the way. we will bring you more details
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as soon as we get them. taking a look at some of our other top stories this morning. a man was killed when a gunman opened fire on a funeral procession. it happened in broad daylight along "u" street. the car fled from the scene and collided with another car flipping over. and it could be gang-related. a man accused of raping several women in montgomery county has been convicted of one of those attacks. he allegedly raped nine women. he has been convicted of an attack in new york and new jersey. gov. martin o'malley appears to be gaining ground in his bid for a second term. several voters said they would vote for him again as opposed to his former gov. challenger bob ehrlich.
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democrats are making a first by election daty going back to school. members of the administration are pounding the pavement, trying to do the campaign once again. >> in college park, kathleen sebelius did the president's warm-up act. they are rallying students. >> we cannot let this country fall backwards because we did not care enough to fight. the stakes are too high for our country and for your future. >> he wants to recapture the energy of young people that turned out in droves in 2008. it is very difficult. >> everybody was excited about obama getting elected.
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now people are not as excited anymore. >> it is local elections not a presidential one. >> many young voters in maryland and beyond are less motivated to participate. a post poll said 55% of young people are certain to vote compared to other age ranges. >> we do not have an inspiring figure to rally behind. >> he may not be on the ballot, but his agenda is on the line. >> now looking at the day ahead, the cross-country tour of obama will end in richmond. this afternoon he will talk to people about the economy. he is holding a similar event in iowa this morning. jimmy carter is bound for washington despite a brief
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health care. -- health scare. he spent the night in a hospital after suffering an upset stomach. he is said to be released this morning and will continue his book tour. he will be at george washington university tonight. arlington will drop out of the immigration enforcement program. this year, virginia signed on for the national program. it allows them to provide information to the federal dormant about people arrested, including immigration status. yesterday, they voted unanimously to drop out of the program. a new twist over cell phone use while driving. a new study shows banning texting behind the wheel may cause more questions.
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drivers are lowering their phones so police can not see them while texting and taking their eyes off the road for a longer time frame to do that. the law goes into effect for maryland this friday. >> it is amazing what people do to eluded detection. -- elude detection. a showdown over population control. a devastating landslide caught on videotape. the search for survivors.
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>> a landslide buried hundreds of home in mexico. three adults, eight children still unaccounted for. they are backing off early estimates that hundreds of
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people were harmed. 60 degrees outside on this wednesday morning. traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam, what do we have? >> showers. temperatures right now are comfortable. low humidity so open of the window. take a look at the graphics. a flood watch will be in effect late tonight and tomorrow. rainfall is expected the next couple of days. it could lead to some flooding. we could still use some moisture here. cumberland, 50 degrees. mid-70s degrees locally this afternoon. an increase in clouds and morning sunshine. some late day showers are
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expected. heaviest rain tonight through midday tomorrow. what do you have on traffic? not much. overnight construction and has been moved out of the way. southern maryland, things are good. green light on 95. a little more action out of frederick on the 270. 95 and 66, travel times are still with us. greenway and the toll road, we give you the green light. thanks. >> up next, the debate over deer hunting. who is heading home with?
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>> michael and chelsea. >> michael bolton was the next person to be booted from "dancing with the star's". we will hear more from him and his partner and a little bit
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later. we will have the latest on the controversy regarding the booes heard on the monday night episode regarding sarah palin. >> and not to follow. a showdown in one county. >> it is a ban on bowhunting to pare down of the deer population. >> read the signs warn drivers to be on the lookout. the number of kara versus dear collisions have increased. >> i have only hit one. >> the deer population has grown to more than 100 der per square mile in many areas. >> and decrease vegetation. some have not been able to find
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food or nesting sites. >> they find that hunting should be allowed at 10 parks. the calderon stream valley park, the confederate fortifications historic site, cub run stream valley park, difficult run stream valley park, and the sulley historic area. parts will remain open while selectable hunters use garros to kill deer. they say it is safer for people, but residents have questions. >> i do not know if there has been a history of bowhunting fatalities in virginia ever. >> there has to be a better way. >> it will not be a free-for- all. those interested coming out have to apply for a permit. those interested coming out have to apply for a permit.

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